Phalashruti Meaning

Phalashruti English Translation

25 Listen Oh Rama! Oh Ragava, scion of the Raghu dynasty, any person, singing the glories of Surya in great difficulties, during affliction, while lost in the wilderness, and when beset with fear, will not come to grief (or loose heart).

26 If you worship this lord of the universe, the God of all Gods, with concentrated mind and devotion by reciting this hymn (Aditya-Hridayam) thrice, you will emerge victorious in the battle.

27 O mighty armed one, you shall truimph over Ravana this very moment. After blessing Lord Rama thus, and predicting that He would slay (the demon) Ravana, sage Agastya took leave and returned to his original place.

Lord Rama28 Having heard this, that great warrior Raghava, feeling greatly delighted, became free from grief. His clouds of worry thus dispelled, the lustrous Lord Rama obeyed the sayings of sage Agastya with great happiness.With composed mind he retained this hymn in his memory, ready to chant the Aditya-Hridayam.

29 Having performed Achamanam (sipping water thice) and being purified, Rama gazing at the sun with devotion, recited the hymn Aditya-Hridayam thrice, then that great hero Raghava was thrilled and lifted his bow.

30 Lord Rama thus cheered, seeing Ravana coming to fight, put forth all his effort with a determination to kill him. (Ravana)

31 Then knowing that the destruction of Ravana was near, the Sun-God Aditya, surrounded by all the Gods in heaven, looked at Rama with delighted mind and exclaimed 'Hurry up' - 'Be quick'.

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