Sapta Saptih Of Surya Bhagavan

Significance Of Seven - Sun God

1. He possesses Seven horses (Seven rays)

They are Jaya, Ajaya, Vijaya, Jitaprana, Jitakrama, Mano Japa, Jita Krodha (Bhavisya purana)

Jaya : The first ray bestows firm conviction, mental and physical strength generosity domination of others and benevolence.

Ajaya : gives Compassion, tranquility and intelligence, inward understanding.

Vijaya : Voracious reading, high thinking and spiritual base.

Jita prana : Deep thinking, extremely kind, merciful.

Jita krama : grants high quality discipline, very knowledgeble and scientific evaluators.

Manojapa : Dedication and devotion, sincere and pursues the path of truth.

Jita krodha : In depth evaluation, artistic taste in fine arts and adoration of beauty, love for display.

2. The Seven Chandas : (poetic metres)

1. The Gayatri 2. Jagati 3. Usnik 4. Tristupp 5. Anustupp 6. Pankti became the six horses. 7. the bhruhati chanda has became the seat in the middle of the Chariot. Surya Bhagavan sits on this Chariot of Chandas and travel on the space.

3. Lord Surya has Seven rays :

These are 1. Susumna 2. Suradana 3. Udanvasu 4. Visvakarma 5. Udavasu 6. Visvavyaca 7.Harikesa

“Susumna”: This is equivalent to the brightness of thousand rays. This ray with this name make Candra (Moon) the most beautiful one. The Nectar given by the fullmoon to all the panis bestows on them all happiness and pleasure.

“Surandana” : The moon has originated from this ray. Even the rays of are only the rays of Surya (Sun) alone.

“Udannvasu” : From this the Kuja graha (planet) is originated. This ray of Surya will protect the living being from the defects of blood, and gives them health, brilliance and wealth.

“Visva karma” : This constructs the Budhagraha (planet). This ray will remove the mental agitations of the people and grants all auspiciousness and peace.

“Udavasu” : This ray constructs Bruhaspati planet. This planet grants pleasures and liberation to all living beings. By worshipping this planet all hurdles, obstructions, opposition will be removed and success is achieved.

“Visva vyaca” : From this ray Sukra and Sani have originated. Among them sukra is responsible for Virya (sperm) Sukra is incharge of humans procreation and also his ray brings death. Hence by worshipping this ray one will get complete longevity.

“Harikesa” : Due to this ray, all Stars (Nakshatras) are born. These come to be known as Nashatra because they are protecting the human bodies from the loss of strength, virya, and teja.

4. Surya has seven service personnel

They are 1. Namshatras 2. Months 3. Fortnights 4. Seasons 5. Years 6. Days 7. Nights.

5. He has Seven Indriyas (organs) 

They are 1. Two eyes 2. Two Nostrils 3. Two ears 4. One face. Surya Bhagavan is the person that activates the functions of these organs.

6. He has a Horse by name Sapta. Having a Chariot with this name he is called as Sapta Sapti. This name is denoted at the end of Kalki Avatara riding this horse.

7. The seven colours of Surya

These seven colours, viz. 1. Red 2. Orange 3. Yellow 4. Green 5. Blue 6. Indigo 7. Violet, are the seven horses of Surya. We also see the same colours in the Rainbow.

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